Litter "E"

On 4 of July, 2016 on Independence Day in the USA, was born one and only boy!


WCH WCF Yagoarr Grand KlaUrs AbySing
(ABY n)

JCH KCH WCF Farina BellChall AbySing
(ABY o)

Elrond LucianAurora

Sex: boy
Color: ruddy (n)
Status: left to a new home

This wonderful boy named after one of the wisest and most powerful Elves, their King – Elrond. He loves spending time with people, sitting on their knees, kissing and singing songs. When he sees a man, he immediately run to him, looking into his eyes and trying to get on the handle. The main varmint and discovererб likes to be in the center of all events!