Welcome to
LucianAurora Siberians!

LucianAurora is a small, family-run cattery located in Kazan, Russia. We are registered with WCF and CFA, and we have poured our hearts and souls into breeding the top-class Siberian cats of both Neva Masquerade and traditional colors since 2015.

Here at LucianAurora, our cats and kittens are true members of our family and are treated as such! They are never caged, free to roam our home like our human family, and get a fulfilling amount of love and attention from the moment they enter the world. You will often find our Siberians curled up on the couch, snuggling in bed with us, or supervising us making a dinner.

It is our vision that personality is just as important as the appearance, and the research has shown that both genetics and upbringing affect a kitten’s temperament. We are therefore dedicated to give each kitten the best start possible by hand-handling and socialising them since birth, as well as introducing them to the hustle and bustle of family life early on. By raising our kittens in a loving and caring home environment, we ensure that you have a confident, intelligent, and affectionate four-legged companion for years to come.

It is a special feeling knowing that our kittens are living their best lives all over the globe, with the most popular destinations being the United States, China, Italy, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We offer hand delivery/cargo delivery via experienced and trusted flight nanny/cargo agent, but we are also happy to meet you at the International Airport Kazan with your kitten, or to welcome you to our home where the kittens are raised if you would like to fly in to pick up your new family member. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us because of distant; we are very experienced in helping our babies travel to their new homes!

We are the proud breeders and owners of the top-winning Siberian cat of all time, LucianAurora Let’s Dance “Lyova.” He has 80+ Best in Show wins and 20+ show titles to his name, and is the Best Siberian Cat in the World for three consequent years (2019-2021). Besides being the first and so far only Siberian to secure the Breed Winner award in three major feline associations (CFA, WCF, and ICU), Lyova is also the winner of the world’s largest cat show, Winter Cat Show 2019. Our Siberians continued to dominate the breed rankings in 2022, when LucianAurora You’re So Vain “Pursh” and LucianAurora Don’t Rain On My Parade “Mura” brought home awards for the Best Siberian Cat in the World and the Best Siberian Kitten in the World, respectively. And we’re setting ourselves high goals for the 2023 show season too!

As breeders, we believe that a healthy kitten begins with healthy parents, so all our Queens and Kings go through rigorous health testing before they are “officially” added to our breeding program, which includes a screening for hereditary (i.e. HCM, PKD) and virus (i.e. FIV, FeLV, FeCoV, etc.) diseases. By taking these extra steps, we save both us and the new owners serious potential heartache.

Here at LucianAurora, we are also dedicated in building meaningful relationships with families and supporting them every step of the way. If you decide to welcome one of our kittens into your home, we will always be there to answer any and all questions you may have for a lifetime of breeder support.

Please feel free to get in touch with us about any questions you may have about getting a LucianAurora kitten and how to get the process started!