The Best Siberian Cat in the World CFA, WCF
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Welcome to
LucianAurora Siberians!

We are small, family run cattery of Siberian (Neva Masquerade and Traditional Forest) cats located in Kazan, Russia. LucianAurora was founded in 2015 and is registered with CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association, the US), WCF (The World Cat Federation, Germany) and ICU (International Cat Union, Russia).

We are family of four who all share the same passion and love for our cats! Our life, heart and soul belongs to siberians. Our cats live freely with us in our home as part of our family. Each kitten we raise we love from first breath, they receive countless hours of love & attention in our home. Our siberians enjoy the company of children, dogs, and other animals, have a very cuddling and sweet nature, stay playful throughout their lives which makes them an ideal companion for almost anyone from toddlers to seniors.

Our kittens live in loving families as pets and in respected catteries all over the world – in the USA, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, South Korea and many more. As breeders, we keep in touch with all our kittens and we’re always there to answer any and all questions they may have!

We are engaged in breeding to improve the type of siberians and strive to produce cats of excellent health, type, physical condition, balance and character – as close to perfection as possible!

Our focus isn't on quantity,
but on the quality of our cats.
Our goal - to bring forth the best!

The quality of our siberians is confirmed by highly respected judges through the titles and constant wins at CFA, WCF, TICA, FIFE shows both in Russia and worldwide; and ultimately remarkable offsprings.

We are honored to both raise & own:
– The Best Siberian Cat in the World 2019-2020 CFA
– The Best Siberian Cat in the World 2019 WCF Best Cat, Top Cat
– The Best Siberian Cat in Europe 2018-2019, 2019-2020 CFA
– The Best Cat of Winter Show 2019 among 1500 cats

Our top priority is health. Our cats are tested for bloodtype, genetic diseases of the kidney and heart (PKD & HCM), viral diseases, such as viral immunodeficiency (FIV), feline leukemia (FeLV), coronavirus (FeCoV), etc. Kitten moves to a new family with age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip, full package of documents (pedigree, vet.passport, contract) and knowledge of the rules of etiquette.

We are able to hand deliver kitten to you anywhere worldwide. Kitten will be brought to your local airport by us or with one of reliable, loving flight nannies that have been working with us for years. We arrange everything, so all you have to do is pick up your new family member at the airport directly from us or one of our flight nannies.

We look forward to talking to you and will be happy to answer all of your questions so you can find the “perfect” kitten for your family!

Svetlana Afanasyeva & family members