LucianAurora Let's Dance

Date of Birth: 23rd of April, 2018
blue tabby point
Tested: HCM – NN, PKD – NN, bloodtype – Aa
Titles: Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Regional Winner CFA,
Supreme Grand Champion TICA,
Kitten-Champion, Junior-Champion, World Winner 2018,
National Winner 2019, Breed Winner 2019, World Winner 2019,
Pearl Master, Jubilee Master, Grand European Champion WCF,
Grand Champion ICU

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You're So Vain

Date of Birth: 14th of March, 2021
black spotted
Tested: HCM – NN, PKD – NN, blood type – Aa
Titles: Kitten-Champion WCF

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LucianAurora Barclay de Tolly

Date of Birth: 22nd of October, 2015
seal tabby point
Junior-Premier, World Premier, Master, World Winner 2018 WCF, Grand Premier, Breed Winner ICU,
Quadruple Grand Champion Alter TICA