We met Svetlana during the COVID-19 crisis and she had the most beautiful kittens! Based on Svetlana’s huge experience, helpfulness and kindness, we felt that her cattery was the right match for us. We quickly decided to go ahead and adopt our kitten from her – we even got to choose her pedigree name! Svetlana was always there to answer questions, send pictures and videos when we asked for it! Normally, we would have met Svetlana in person to get our kitten, but due to the travel bans everywhere in the world due to COVID-19, we chose to have Saphira transported to us by plane. This experience went well, Saphira started purring immediately when she came out of her transport carrier and turned out to be a perfectly socialised, sweet and cuddly cat. We thank Svetlana and her cattery every day for the sweet house-tiger we have now, as she is in perfect health and condition and sociable with everyone. One day, we’ll definitely visit the cattery in Kazan, with Saphira joining us. Absolutely forever grateful for this beautiful experience and story.

LucianAurora Cattery in the capable hands of Svetlana Afanasyeva assisted by daughter Yana is one of the most competent breeders I have encountered.

I adopted Hollywood Star LucianAurora earlier this year after I saw a photo of the kitten in Facebook. She was exactly the mate I was looking for as a future bride for our stud, Yuventus. I mentioned the name of our stud in our Facebook Messenger-correspondence. Svetlana knew the Yuventus and his breeder from Minsk. This gave me a personal point of reference. With more photos to confirm that the kitten was silver and would be registered as such, we quickly agreed to close the contract and Svetlana soon sent a draft in Russian and English via e-Mail. I wired the down-payment to Svetlana.

There is, of course, a lot to be said for breeders who arrange shipping abroad. Svetlana offered to ship the kitten to Moscow, where I could have picked her up and returned to Berlin same day, but I decided to travel to Kazan myself. In my opinion It is always best to pick up the kitten personally and get a first-hand impression of the breeder and the environment in which the kitten was raised. However, I never expected the warm and friendly welcome Svetlana and her family provided for me.

Svetlana, her husband, and her daughter picked me up at the airport and, after a short tour of the city by night, drove me to my hotel where Svetlana and Yana met me again early next morning for a full day city tour of Kazan. A most impressive city indeed! Patience is not one of my virtues, but Svetlana promised to introduce me to my kitten before the family took me out to dinner for some delicious traditional food in a noble Kazan restaurant. Svetlana’s husband met us in the city center and we proceeded to tour the East and West banks of the Kazanka River and finally… Took me to their home, where I could meet not only my new protegée, Hollywood Star, but also dam WCH (WCF) Luciana Zhemchung Nevy and the other impressive felines all sharing a spacious flat near the city center. Holly, as she soon was affectionately called, was all she was promised to be, and more: a beautiful, well build, well behaved young lady with a silky white coat and deep blue eyes. I was very happy! Next morning the family took Holly and myself to the airport to ensure that all went smoothly with transportation of a kitten in cabin. Holly sat patiently in her SleepyPod carrier and never uttered a sound. She took the transfer in Moscow including a four hour wait in stride and even sat patiently on my lap nibbling some kitten kibble and purring during the stay-over at Moscow’s Scheremetjewo airport.

Thank you, Svetlana, for a most enjoyable experience and a beautiful kitten! This Hollywood Star will surely secure a place on the cats’ walk of fame!

My name is Sari Niemi and I live in Finland. I’m proud owner of Brian O’Connor LucianAurora and I don’t have anything else but good things to say about LucianAurora Cattery, our co-work with Svetlana and most of all, my cat, Brian.

Everything went well and smoothly with Svetlana for day one. We had special agreement that she kept Brian little bit longer because I didn’t had place to him right away. She kept me up-to-date whats going on in Brian’s life and we became good friends. She is also very honest which was very important to me.

When Brian came to me, I noticed right away that he was very loved in his birth home. He have magnificent, one in a kind personality, he is my best friend and my biggest love. He is also very gorgeous cat and I’m looking forvard our future in show rings.

Over the past few years, I researched and interviewed multiple Siberian Breeders in the US but was left with disappointment. Even though Svetlana lived in Russia, once I began seeing photos of Svetlana and her gorgeous, award winning cats, I had to reached out. Svetlana was kind, attentive and thorough as she responded to all of my questions and concerns. Her knowledge of the breed is impressive and her participation with various Associations and Cat Organizations is extensive. She also interviewed us and made sure we were a good fit for Obi-Wan. We knew right away she cared tremendously about her cats the preservation of the breed. The process of purchasing a live animal from abroad was initially quite a scary thought, one I never thought I would have to navigate. Svetlana quickly calmed all of those fears. She is an incredible business woman and has a proven process which systematically provides the necessary protection and assurance to both the “Breeder” (as well as the animal), and the “Purchaser”. She provided support and friendship throughout the entire process, sending photos and videos of him, even up until he was being placed on the plane to come to us. She greatly helped with preparing for his arrival and the “settling in” phase with tips and tricks and continues to check-in and see how we are. I am most appreciative of her continual support, as I navigate how to be the best nurturer to our boy.

In 2015 I got in contact with Svetlana from Cattery LucianAurora. I was looking for a stud for my cattery and my eye fell on Bugatti Veyron LucianAurora. What a beautiful man he was in the pictures! We had good contact before even deciding anything. Svetlana was very patient and gave me all the time I needed to make my final decision. In the end, we decided to let him come to the Netherlands to join my cattery, and we have not regretted that decision even once. Bugatti is everything our heart could desire. He is very social, even more beautiful than on all the pictures, and obviously had a perfect first 5 months of his life. While he was still in Russia, Svetlana regularly gave me pictures and updates, and whenever I would bug her for more she always answered. She has been very honest and open, something that I think is very important. Even now, in 2018, we are still in touch. She still asks me how Bugatti is doing, she loves seeing his kitten’s pictures, and is just a very sweet person in general. I would buy from her again in a second. One of the best and kindest breeders I have ever met.

Mi sono innamorata di Indigo da una foto da uno sguardo e non saprei dire se sia stata io a scegliere Indigo o lui a scegliere me’… Ma siamo indivisibili. Non smetterò mai di ringraziare Svetlana per avermi dato un impareggiabile compagno di vita, un esemplare talmente bello equilibrato e dolce e Svetlana da subito e sempre una fidata guida ed amica che mi ha saputo consigliare passo dopo passo giorno dopo giorno <3

Darcy is THE best cat I ever had! He is my shadow, everywhere I go he goes. He is also the best friend of my clients in my hairdresser salon

Hi, my name is Claudia, I’m from Malta… For the past few months me and my daughter were searching for a Siberian cat. Did some research and got in touch with Svetlana. It was like a dream coming true… I must say that LucianAurora cattery is a very responsible and serious in their work. I’m also thankful that they’ve given us a chance to love a Siberian.

I got in touch with Svetlana in search for a Siberian. She was very helpfull, understanding and answered a lot of questions for me. Now we have the best boy in the world – George Washington LucianAurora! She arranged also a girl for our boy. It was love at the first sight. I was very very happy with all the help and knowledge Svetlana brought to me. Svetlana, Thank you so much! 

Dear Svetlana, I would like to thank you very much. Your son Christopher LucianAurora is a fantastic boy. You have socialized him, he is a loving boy who likes everyone (human & animal). He is a tender big boy. I am very happy to know you and also other breeders where our ancestors live or were born. You’ve made everything so easy for me. You have looked after the courier wonderfully. She happily brought our boy to Cologne Bonn with much tenderness. Despite the long journey, Christopher was happy. He lay down on his back and purred like a tractor! Anyone who has little doubts, may like to turn to me. I’d like to give personal information about my satisfaction!

It was absolute providence that led me to the LucianAurora website and Litter “H”. There I saw the picture of exactly what I was hoping to find in a Siberian, Han Ivan LucianAurora. From my first message of inquiry, Svetlana has been a wealth of information and friendship.

Now, every day my husband and I are able to admire our wonderful Russian boy in our home. It took four months of waiting for Ivan to be old enough for the long journey to America. He weathered the trip well and, because he was so well adjusted and socialized, required no special attention upon arrival. He is our fearless King, automatically taking on the role of ruler of his domain and becoming right at home. Fetching, playing in water, finding the highest vantage point, and just being a huge love are all a big part of his personality. He’s the proverbial gentle giant and an integral part of our homelife.

Being an international traveler, Han Ivan reached us with his health passport in perfect order. Our veterinary clinic was well impressed with the complete health regimen and testing that had gone into his care, along with the record keeping. All Ivan needed from them was a baseline wellness checkup.

Dear Svetlana, we truly can’t thank you enough for entrusting us with this beautiful, sweet boy! Thank you so very much for successfully starting his show career while still in your care. We look forward to sending you pictures and stories of his show career in the USA and of his future children. Also, we owe special gratitude to Yana for her help with messaging, plus to Ramil and Yana for personally escorting Ivan to meet us in Chicago. You are all amazing people and we feel blessed to know you!

Love and Hugs, Marcia