Every cat is exceptional and the last kitten chosen is just
as wonderful as the first.
And I strongly believe that we end up with the cat we are supposed to have!

Kittens for you

Litter "O"

3 boys, 2 girls
Available: 1 boy
Date of Birth: 14.02.2019
Father: GICH (WCF) Fahrenheit DeiColliToscani
Mother: WCH (WCF) Luciana Zhemchug Nevy

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Litter "Q"

4 boys, 3 girls
Available: 1 girl, 1 boy
Date of Birth: 21.04.2019
Father: GECH (WCF) GC (CFA) Let’s Dance LucianAurora
Mother: ECH (WCF) Volshebnitsa Viveya Iz Lunnoy Serenady

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