What is the first step to get a kitten?

Whether the kitten has been born already, or you are looking to get on a waiting list, the first step in our adoption process is filling a form in the section. You also can contact us via Facebook or Instagram if you feel more comfortable to use any of these social networks : )

What is included with kitten?

Our babies will come to new homes:
– Well socialized with both people and other cats
– Age-appropriate vaccinated & dewormed
– Kittens that go to pet homes – neutered / sterilized
– Microchipped
– With pedigree, vet.passport and other needed papers

Every kitten is part of our family before joining yours!

Are your kittens litter and scratch post trained?

Absolutely! All kittens learn how to do that from their moms while staying with them for the first months of their life.

Are your cats health tested?

All of our parent cats are health tested on both genetic (HCM, PKD) and viral diseases (FIV, FeLV, etc) + blood type to assure our kittens are as healthy as possible. Health testing results for each parent dog can sent to potential new owner by personal request.

Do your kittens get along well with other pets?

We don’t have dogs in our home but we heard from new families that our kittens get along great with both small and big dogs. Moreover, our siberians live in harmony with chameleons and geckos.

Do your kittens get along well with children?

Our kittens are raised in our home with children (10 years old son & 17 years old daughter) and are wonderful family cats.

When kittens are ready to go to their new homes?

Generally, our kittens are ready to move to their new homes at age of 4.5 months, once they are physically stable and have received basic inoculations.

Do you ship your kittens overseas?

Yes, we can ship your kitten to most anywhere in the world! We bring kittens to their new families by ourselves or with reliable pet courier. Kittens typically sleep the entire flight and arrive well adjusted and happy for their family. Also, there’s an International airport in Kazan so if you’d like to come and pick up your kitten – we’d love to meet you in person!

Do you offer retired adults? If so, why?

Occasionally we do have retired adults (who no longer participate in our breeding program) available for rehoming. Feel free to contact us if you consider to get an adult, we’d be happy to let you know if we have retired cats or plan to retire any.
There’re many reasons why we make a difficult decision to retire a cat. But we always think of what’s best for them. It’s definitely one of the hardest part of breeding because we become attached to every cat. But each and every cat deserves to get the individual attention.

Will you be around after kittens go to their new homes?

Sure! We’ll be lifetime companions to help you and answer any questions you may have. Also, we will anxiously wait for updates with pictures & videos!

Do you have more questions? Contact us now!

Facebook is the best method to get in touch with us. But we’re also available via E-mail (cats@dolceluciana.com) and Instagram.